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Based in central Mississippi, raised in the Delta.   When did you start making music, releasing music and/or playing shows?

He has always loved music and constantly walked around with ear buds in listening to everything from Prince, Lil Wayne, Tool, Ottis Redding, Muddy Waters, Dance Gavin Dance, La Dispute, Jeff Buckley, and more. He started started playing instruments in the band when he was in sixth grade, after a couple years he transitioned to singing in the show choir at school. After a couple of years he focusing more on skateboarding and going to live shows. Loving the energy of live shows and the way everyone in the audience forgot all their troubles just for a couple hours he was mezmerized. He moved to Nashville, TN after high school to figure out what he wanted to do with his life.


He wandered from job to job, heart ache to heartache, and eventually fell into a hole of emotional dispair. He attempted suicide at 23 and went to a mental health clinic. where one of the orderlies brought his guitar to the hospital. he played the guitar until he was released and realized what he wanted to do. He got a computer and started making instrumentals and recording. He spent hours upon days upon years perfecting his craft. he wasnt naturally talented as a singer but hard work pays off in the end. he started making music he wanted to hear. music that moved the souls of the lost and lonely. He sound is described as Alternative R&B. He loves combining guitar and live instruments to make his music. Collaberating constantly with someone of the best producers in Mississippi. His long time collaberation parter JoshuJoshu has grown from their first single Anguish to his new r&b classic No Games. When you hear his music you can draw his love for classic memphis bass with mississippi blues guitar. He is a part of the collective Dead Dreams Initiative consiting of CamtheMaker, JoshuJoshu, and The Delinkwitz. Ty Ferg is gearing up to release his first EP with his signature single "Coupe" Featuring EMILLS and "No Games". 


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